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LX Reality estate agency

With LX Reality estate agency you will get further in Slovakia!

Welcome to the LX Reality estate agency’s website. Please take your time and read what this Dutch estate agency in Slovakia can mean for you, too. You can find LX Reality estate agency in Lučenec, Fiľakovo, Rimavská Sobota and Brezno.
Now please proceed to the page with general information, to the legend in English to the website in Slovak, and to a particular example. We wish you pleasant searching on our pages.

  1. General information 
  2. Legend 
  3. Example

1. General information

A complete version of this page in English is currently not available. However, not all parts of this site are interesting for foreigners looking for their (second) home in Slovakia. Therefore, below on this page you can find only the legend to the most relevant terms.
If you read (and possibly print and put on your desk) this page, you will be able to “decode” the most important terms and the further procedure will become apparent. All prices are stated in SKK as well as in EUR. Moreover, we recalculate on a daily basis (exchange rate published by the Slovak central bank), which means that prices may somehow fluctuate from day to day.


2. Legend

The homepage consists of three columns. Here is the translation of the left column:

PrenájomRental (less important, therefore non-translated)
KúpaPurchase (less important, therefore non-translated)
O násAbout us (here you can see whom you communicate with)
KontaktContact us (here you can find an electronic form, which you can use to contact us)

The middle column is the most important one. Here is the translation of the middle column:

Chcete kúpiť nehnuteľnosť?
Want to buy a property?

Domy »Houses
Byty »Flats
Chalupy a chaty »Cottages and weekend houses
Kaštiele »Mansions
Záhrady »Gardens
Pozemky a lesy »Land and woods
Obchodné priestory a kancelárie »Commercial spaces and offices

Náš tip – Our tip 
In this category we place exceptionally interesting estates. The reason may be their price, location or architecture.

Najnovšie ponuky – Latest offers
This category includes the latest offers of the LX Reality estate agency.


3. Example

Let’s suppose that you have become interested in a house. Click the image of the respective house and a new page will open with the complete information about it.

Next to the image of the example house below you will find the most important unchangeable parts of the text in Slovak with their translation into English. Although the translation is not given in case of each estate, after a thorough reading of this text you will understand at least the structure of the offer. In the photo gallery part you can click on any photo and subsequently move to the left or right in the gallery and browse through all photos. In the combination with the offered price you can decide whether you are really interested in that house. In such a way you can send us an e-mail. Right after that we will contact you via e-mail or phone, even in the evening or during the weekend.

Rodinný dom, Lučenec, ul. Vinohradská č. 1
Family house, [town], [address]

(Predaj - Domy) Dátum poslednej aktualizácie ponuky: 06.02.2008
(Sale - Houses) Offer last updated: 06.02.2008

« Back to list Sale - Houses

Adresa - Adress: Lučenec, ul. Vinohradská, č. 1
Veľkosť parcely – Total area: 606 m2
Zastavaná plocha – Built-up area: 306 m2
Rok výstavby – Construction year: cca 1975
Inžinierske siete – Utilities: elektrina – electricity, plyn – gas, obecný vodovod – municipal water delivery (sometimes only “studňa” is indicated, which may means that the house is not connected to the water delivery system, but has only an own well), obecná kanalizácia – municipal sewerage (sometimes only “žumpa” is indicated, which means that the house is not connected to a sewerage system and has only an own cesspit), prípojka na telefón a internet – phone and internet connection.

Cena – Price: 53 100,00 € (1 599 690,60 Sk)

Popis – Description:
Rodinný dom sa nachádza v tichej štvrti mesta Lučenec, ul. Vinohradská, č. 1. Na prízemí sú štyri izby, zrekonštruovaná kúpeľňa so sprchovacím kútom a s WC. Podlaha na chodbách a schodišti je keramická alebo z PVC, v izbách sú parkety. Na poschodí je veľká kuchyňa so špajzou, obývačka a spálňa, nová zrekonštruovaná kúpeľňa s masážnou vaňou a s WC. Na oknách sú vonkajšie žalúzie. Vo dvore sa nachádza garáž, vzadu je záhrada s ovocnými stromami.
Naše odporúčanie – Our recommendation:
Dom v tichej štvrti vystavanej v 70-tych rokoch.
House in a quiet neighbourhood built in 1970‘s.

Fotogaléria – Photo gallery:

Táto ponuka na stiahnutie: – Click the link to download this offer as a PDF file:

Máte záujem? – Are you interested?



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